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Bespoke art and design

Hotel projects/Bedroom artwork/Offices 

Some years ago we found that it was not always easy to find artwork suited the design schemes for hotel bedrooms that fitted into hotel artwork budgets, so we started to either design and create the artwork in-house or commission site specific artwork or photography based on our clients briefs and budgets. We have also created bespoke graphic art and commissioned artwork and photography Corporate offices and students accommodation.

Hotel Reception art 

First impressions count. We both design large scale reception art and sculpture in-house and we also commission artwork depending on budget. By working with multiple fabricators, artists, sculptors and designers, we can realise both our vision or our clients vision to produce that ‘wow’ factor that your hotel guests want to see when they first walk into your lobby. 

Collaborations with artists

We love to collaborate with artists and we do this both by working in tandem to create art and design for multiple projects. We also have our own collection of homewares called the ‘Art Loves Irish Art Collection’ which is a collaboration with local artists. 

Designing bespoke brands 

We design multiple brands in-house, all with very different styles in including Myrtle & Mary, Art Loves Belfast, Pop & Dot, and Bap & Scone . We have yet to develop a brand range for a client, but we are totally up for this challenge. 

Public Art and sculpture

Need a sculpture for your park, garden, courtyard or public realm scheme? Again, we can either design in house, or commission an artists to realise your vision or brief on budget. We can work with foundries, fabricators, construction companies, forestry commissions and local authorities.